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October 14th, 2020

Accelerate Data Science

Join us on October 14, 2020 for a Data Science Workshop

The Data Science Workshop is an event for data scientists and analysts to learn about OmniSci’s integrated data science foundation. Go from visual exploration to deep data science workflows, all at scale, with instantaneous results. 

The virtual event will feature presentations and demos on a range of topics. We’ll look at how OmniSci can be used with popular open PyData tools to explore billion+ row datasets and build and execute unified workflows for both Data Science and visual analytics whether on your laptop, or a cluster. Pre-register today for your complimentary pass for this event. 

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Converge data science and analytics with the only platform that unites analytics, data science, and location intelligence workflows

Hear from industry experts on how accelerated analytics propels your next-generation data management and data visualization

Learn how to interactively query, visualize, and power location intelligence workflows over billions of records.

Talks will cover detailed how-to examples, and use cases spanning

Highly scalable data exploration with Ibis, Pandas, Modin, Nvidia RAPIDS

Interactive, scalable and flexible visual data exploration in a data science workflow - Altair and Holoviews, powered by Ibis (and OmniSciDB)

Integrating GPU-accelerated machine learning with RAPIDS ML libraries

Scaling ML/DS workflows with Dask and Ray

Use cases in industry - covering telco, fleet management and cybersecurity

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Featured Speakers

Hear from industry experts

Jared Ritter

Senior Director Analytics and Automation

Jon Stressing

Account Manager DoD, NVIDIA

Todd Mostak

CEO & Co-Founder, OmniSci

Robert Luciani

Head of R&D, Foxrane

Dr. Stacy Woods

Geostatistician, Natural Resources Defense Council

Eric Schwartz

Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan

Jared Webb

BlueConduit, Chief Data Scientist

Jared Dame

Director of AI and Data Science, HP

Alex Baden

Technical Lead, OmniSci

Herfini Haryono

VP Vertical Industry, OmniSci

Adam Edelman

Federal Sales Engineer, OmniSci

Saul Shanabrook

Software Developer, Quansight

Dr Mike Flaxman

Founder, Geodesign Technologies Inc

Featured Sessions

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How to Improve the Telecommunications Network with Fast, Scalable Data

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Operating and monitoring a modern telecommunications network, especially with the ongoing rollout of 5G, requires teams of Network Performance Management Engineers to find and pinpoint anomalies, trace the root causes, and make quick decisions with enormous collections of data. Fortunately, there are new technologies that can handle billions of rows of data with millisecond filtering and visualization times, that can make that massive telecom data an asset instead of a barrier. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at three common use cases facing telecom companies today: network performance management, optimizing 5G network signal propagation, and mobile data offloading. We’ll show how an analytics platform that is accelerated with GPUs can handle the outsized data volume, performance and geospatial features inherent to these use cases, and we’ll demo the solution on the OmniSci platform.

Featured Speakers

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