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October 14th, 2020

Welcome to the OmniSci Data Science Workshop October 2020

Where Data Science & Visual Analytics Converge

Break down silos with the only open platform that unites analytics, data science and location intelligence workflows. Leverage native SQL, interactive visual analytics, extensive PyData stack integrations, and a powerful machine learning framework.

On-Demand Sessions

Dive Into the New Age of Analytics

Demo with an OmniSci Expert - Cybersecurity

Mitra Bhanu Rath, Solutions Engineering - APAC & MEA, OmniSci

Apache Arrow: Leveling Up the Data Science Stack

Wes McKinney, Founder, Datapad

Bringing Accelerated Analytics at Scale to Intel Architecture

Venkat Krishnamurthy, VP Product, OmniSci

OmniSci & RAPIDS: End-to-End Open Source Data Science Workflow

Venkat Krishnamurthy, VP Product, OmniSci & Aaron Williams, VP of Global Community, OmniSci

Finding Purposefully Hidden Sites with GPUs and ML

Dr. Mike Flaxman, Spatial Data Science Practice Lead, OmniSci & Adam Edelman, Sales Engineer, OmniSci

Accelerated Analytics Fit for Purpose: Scaling Up & Out

Venkat Krishnmurthy, VP Product, OmniSci

Getting Started with the OmniSci Platform

Explore and Experiment... in a single seamless workflow, at scale!

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OmniSci for Mac

Analytics at the speed of your curiosity

In this preview, analyze over one billion data points with your personal Mac.

●    Visual analytics at scale

●    Data science integration

●    Interactive SQL editor
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MacBook Pro running OmniSci to interactively explore 1.1 billion rows

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OmniSci Resources

Getting Started
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Jupyter notebooks with datasets you can download and tryout:
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Our Partners

OmniSci’s data science tools are open source. Like our partners at Quansight and Intel, we are committed to investing in projects such as Ibis to sustain the open source community and drive innovation beyond our platform.
Intel and OmniSci offer a CPU version of OmniSci Enterprise Edition, allowing OmniSci's proven innovations in interactive analytics, data science and location intelligence at scale, to reach a bigger audience of data scientists and analysts than ever before.
Learn more about our partnership here.
We began a collaboration in 2018 with Quansight, founded by Travis Oliphant. Travis and the Quansight team have been amazing as collaborators, and instrumental in helping us both shape and deliver on our vision, to unify the worlds of Data Scienceand what is considered ‘traditional’ analytics.

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